What Is Acupuncture?

What is acupuncture? If you have been wondering what the hype is all about and why people are reverting to this ancient form of healing you are at the right place. For all of you who would like to know what acupuncture is, the following are a few basic facts which will help you know better about it.

  • Acupuncture dates back to almost 2500 years ago. It’s an ancient form of healing used by traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Its principles are based upon the flow of chi or energy throughout the body and that it flows through specific meridians or pathways. It works by balancing this flow.
  • Illness is considered to be a sort of blockade which is stopping the energy in the body from flowing freely.

What Is Acupuncture Method?

During acupuncture very thin needles are inserted via the skin into your body. This allows the energy in the body to flow freely and get rid of any sort of blockades which might stop the energy from following on its regular path. Some practitioners might also make use of heat and small electric currents to help with this process of healing.

What Is Involved During Acupuncture?

The following are some of the steps involved while going through acupuncture

  • You will be asked about the position of your pain or problem area. The intensity along with any other specifics accompanying the pain.
  • You might then be asked to lie down either face up or face down, it depends on where the needles might be inserted.
  • Then the provider will look for specific points on your body to get a knowhow regarding the blockade which might be obstructing the flow of chi.
  • After finding these points he or she might place several thin needles into your skin. These needles may be placed in various depths. It all depends upon how they believe they might help get rid of the blockade.
  • A normal treatment can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. You might also need to visit the acupuncturist a number of times till you might find relief for your problems.

Does It Hurt

Although most people might feel a slight tingling and itchiness during treatment or a bit sore after the treatment, it does not hurt a great deal. Any soreness that you feel is considered to be a good sign because it means that the acupuncturist has tapped correctly into your energy flow and has been able to access it.

Who Can Benefit From Acupuncture

  • Patients going through chemotherapy and feeling nausea as a result can benefit from acupuncture. It helps get rid of the nausea and provides relief to even the most extreme cases.
  • Acupuncture also helps deal with indigestion.
  • People suffering from chronic pain can also benefit from treatment.
  • Can greatly help patients who find no relief from taking any sort of pain medications.

Preventive Measures

People suffering from bleeding disorders might be better off without acupuncture. The same goes for people who take blood thinning medications. Needles which are unsterilized might also cause skin infections. However regardless of these complications, acupuncture is still considered to be one of the most natural and risk free form of healing.