Qi Gong in Phoenix

Qi Gong/Chi Kung/Chi Gong is a system of body posture and movement, breathing and meditative training used holistically to strengthen and harmonize our physical body, mind and spirit. This system is well known worldwide as a part of martial arts training,

“Qi” refers to “life energy” and “Gong” means “movement”. We know that all living things have energy which may be understood by movement, growth and respiration. Qi Gong exercises combine visualization, respiration and physical activity or movement. Ancient Qi Gong masters used this art form to cultivate physical strength, emotional and spiritual balance and prevent and treat a variety of health conditions. Today Medical Qi Gong exercises help strengthen our stamina, decrease stress and increase coping skills, prevent diseases, increase bone density and shorten the recovery time after surgery.

Qi Gong

Phoenix Qi Gong Class

In our clinic we introduce patients to this art, provide them with exercise examples and instructions taking into account their overall health status. Our practitioner uses passive Qi Gong elements during the regular treatment if it is beneficial and applicable to the patient’s health condition.

If you're interested in medical Qi Gong instruction, contact us today! We've helped hundreds of patients just like you relieve their pain and improve their lives.