Microneedling in Phoenix, AZ

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS; 2019), “Americans spent more than 16.5 billion on cosmetic plastic surgeries and minimally invasive procedures in the year 2018 that is four percent more than the previous year.” High costs and possible side effects of plastic and cosmetic invasive procedures to achieve a youthful look was a stimulus to find cost effective and more natural ways to achieve the same result. Dr. Fernandes, South African cosmetic and plastic surgeon in 2006 invented microneedling.

Today, practitioners are mostly using a medical grade microneedling wireless pen with disposable oscillating medical grade stainless steel or silicon needle cartridges. In the United States microneedling is performed by licensed practitioners: medical doctors, aestheticians and by certified acupuncturists. When micro needles pierce the skin, they create a controlled micro injury through the epidermis breaking collagen strands in the dermis. This creates a micro wound healing, stimulates collagenase enzymes to break down the old and misaligned collagen and replaces old collagen with new one.

Micro needles create multiple micro channels in the skin and enhance the permeation of topical products. This enables an increase in the absorption of topical serums, peptides and oils up to 3000%. We perform microneedling procedure with AcuMicro pen that has attachable 12 microneedle individual cartridge. Usually microneedling is done once a month and repeated monthly for 3 to 4 months depending on the skin type and desired result. Microneedling is commonly used for aging skin or facial rejuvenation. Also, it used to treat scar tissue, age spots, stretch marks, acne reduction and alopecia.

For the fine lines around the eyes, lips, neck and sagging skin we use a Nano needling cartridge with microscopic hair like oscillating cones that separate the cells within the epidermis and allow the absorption of topicals up to 97%. Nanoneedling can be done 2-3 times a week, depending on your sensitivity levels.

Laser Acupuncture

Laser Acupuncture is very widely used in Europe and Asia. The use of lasers in acupuncture is very beneficial for the patients who have a fear of needles, are too weak physically or can’t be needled with regular acupuncture needles in the area that needs treatment. We use top quality professional grade acupuncture lasers: Qi Pulse (635nM) for stimulation and Qi Calm (405nM) for sedation, relaxation and tranquility. They are Class IIIa lasers and considered safe and absolutely painless. These lasers are low-level or “cold lasers” because they do not produce heat.

We apply laser light on specific acupuncture points for 15-60 seconds.  Depending on the patient’s condition we use either stimulating or sedating light.  Scientific studies have shown that laser acupuncture treatments are effective for a variety of conditions from reducing chronic pain to stroke-related paralysis.

Our quantum laser “Vityas” is very well known in Eastern Europe. This laser emits low level 650nM and 859nM radiation. Vityas apparatus showed positive results in treatments of many conditions, such as acute and chronic rhinitis, arthritic joints, bone fractures, wound healing, dermatitis, etc.

Light Therapy

We use Photon led light therapy for our clients after microneedling is done to speed healing process. The equipment can emit 640nM (red wavelength), 383nM (yellow wavelength), blue light 423 (purple wavelength) and infrared light (690) that is invisible. Blue light is most often used to treat acne by reducing activity in the sebaceous glands and has antimicrobial effects. Yellow light boosts circulation, reduces redness and inflammation. Red light induces mitochondria in the cells to make more energy that helps to spur the healing process in skin and muscle tissue.

At Total Wellness Acupuncture, light therapy is supplemental to microneedling. Light and laser treatments are a part of an extended treatment. Neither one is sold as a therapy alone.