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Herb Remedies | North Mountain, Phoenix, AZ

If you are looking for an herb shop in the city of Phoenix, Total Wellness Acupuncture can help with your Chinese herbal therapy needs!


Herb Shop - Phoenix AZHerbalism or herbology is the use of plants for healing purposes. The the use of medicinal plants goes back tens of thousands of years in human history.

Herbal Therapy

Chinese Herbs - Phoenix AZTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbalism was developed in China thousands of years ago. It is a  therapy by itself or can supplement acupuncture’s therapeutic effects.  Prescriptions of herbal combinations creating formulas for different health problems were passed down through centuries from master to student. These herbal prescriptions are still used today and are very effective. Because they are all natural they have allmost no side effects and have gained popularity in the Western world.

herbs-and-supplements - Phoenix AZToday Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners are able to use formulas in the form of raw herbal decoctions or manufactured herbal tea pills, capsules, tablets, powder or granules. Herbal remedies can be used internally or topically. Judita has extensive training in herbal therapy and is able to provide individualized therapies for your health needs. Our herbal supplements are from reliable suppliers that ensure the purity and quality of their product.

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