Initial Consultation & Treatment $75.00 (Special offer) Regular Price $90.00

Single Treatment $55.00

Extended treatment $70.00 (Single Tr. + mini add. modalities)

Discounted Packages ( mini additional modalities included)

Package of 3 Treatments $165.00 ($55 each Treatment)

Package of 5 Treatments $250.00 ( $50 each Treatment)

Package of 10 Treatments $450.00 ($45 each Treatment)

TuiNa /Body work $60.00 (not sold in packages) or $1/min

Basic Cupping/Gua Sha/Moxibustion $35.00

Extended cupping or Gua Sha $50.00

Community Acupuncture $30.00

Auricular Acupuncture $15.00

$5 paperwork processing fee for new patients. (Included with initial acupuncture treatment)

All packages nonrefundable/nontransferable

Acupressure Point Stimulation – $50 (not sold in packages)

Therapeutic Body Work $60 (not sold in packages)

Laser Acupuncture and needle-less treatment – $60

According to Cost Helper Health, the average cost of acupuncture in the United States is $50 to $70 for a routine visit and $75 to $95 for an initial session and medical consultation.

Costs for this alternative medical treatment remain similar throughout the nation and do not differ considerably whether the acupuncture is performed at a clinic or private practice.

Many people who are seeking alternative or complementary treatments to Western Medicine can’t afford to pay for acupuncture from their own pocket. Not all Insurance Companies pay for Acupuncture. In many chronic conditions our patients  require a course of 5-10 treatments. We want to make our services available to our patients. We can give a statement of services provided or “Super Bill” that you can turn into your insurance company for reimbursement.

We have monthly specials and discounted prepaid treatment packages. Please call us concerning these. We accept cash, checks, Visa and Master Card

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